There are some involved in sports that may go from hero to villain depending on their circumstances and the viewpoints of the fans.

Jerry Jones, seen by many as the Emperor Palpatine of the Dallas Cowboys, is often maligned by the fans as the unadulterated boss of America’s team.

Lance Armstrong was heralded by many as a hero after winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times, participating in many with just one testicle (which wasn’t a weight-saving measure). Armstrong’s wins were vacated after it was found that he had been doping throughout his cycling career, which is something he later admitted to last month to Oprah Winfrey.

Josh Hamilton was an outfielder for the Texas Rangers from 2008 through 2012, and is a five-time MLB All-Star, also winning the AL Most Valuable Player Award for 2010. After a few years of good performances, the 2012 season was a rather poor one for Hamilton, and immediately afterward, he bailed on the Rangers to go play for the Los Angeles Angels (or as Steve Dale would call them – the Anaheims) with a $125 million contract.

Given the choice between these three often-maligned sports figures, who would you say you like the least? Let us know in our Sportsline Poll of the Day.

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