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Lubbock and the rest of the South Plains were gifted some much-needed rain over the weekend, but along with it came a wave of humidity a lot of us weren't ready for.

I love rain as much as the next guy, maybe even more. Some people think that cloudy grey skies are depressing and bring the mood down, but I absolutely love it. That is my type of weather.

I hate the heat, which is ironic considering I live in West Texas. It gets so dang hot and dry around here and it makes me miserable. However, whenever we get some nice gloomy weather like we did this weekend, I feel at home.

The sound of rain comforts me. The smell of rain soothes me. The idea of rain eases my mind. The humidity, on the other hand, does none of those things.

Lubbock's humidity is often very low, hovering around 20% and 30% during the day. It's dry out here. However, on Sunday, August 21st, it was getting up to around 94% humidity. For us who are used to the dryness, that is ultra sticky air.

Usually it's not a problem. Why would you be outside when it's raining? We typically observe the wonderful sky gift from the comfort of our homes. I'm in a band, though. A band that practices in a shed in our singer's backyard. We've got a couple of fans but other than that, it's a hot, sticky, muggy mess.

So having to get into my sticky car and driving to our singer's sticky shed out back just to make it even more hot and sticky isn't my ideal way of spending an afternoon. I was completely drained by the end of practice, and it was only 4 p.m. I had a whole day ahead of me involving moving furniture for my friend's grandmother and various other tasks. A happy camper I was not.

So next time it rains, I'm gonna take a pass on anything involving the outside and physical activity as the last time I tried that I almost threw up. That could be more of a personal problem, though...

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