Like coach, like player. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree at the University of Texas.

Last week, Texas Head Coach Chris Beard was seen getting in the face of an Oklahoma University fan after the Longhorns beat the Sooners 80-78 in overtime. The OU fan apparently yelled at Beard as he was leaving the arena that he’s a traitor, and Beard didn’t like that. He turned around and went straight at the fan, getting in his face, and allegedly saying, "does that make you happy saying that when you don’t even know me?"

Many people thought it was unnecessary for Beard to go out of his way to say that to the OU fan, saying how it wasn't a good look and he should have kept walking. It also reopened the wound for many diehard Texas Tech fans who remember how poorly Beard handled leaving Lubbock. The whole Texas Tech community felt like they had been stabbed in the back, especially with how sneaky he was about the whole situation.

Now we're seeing even more questionable behavior from one of Beard's team members.

Avery Benson, a senior at UT and former Texas Tech player that followed him from Texas Tech, was caught on video cursing at a Texas Tech fan while leaving the arena after the Texas Tech-Texas game on Saturday. Specifically, Benson said, "Suck my d***, b****."

Content Warning: NSFW Language

It's understandable to be upset after losing a home game against one of your biggest rivals, but there are appropriate ways to handle it. Yelling profanities like this isn't it.

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The biggest issue I'm seeing is how little backlash Beard and Benson are receiving over their behavior. UT fans continue to talk poorly about Texas Tech fans, claiming how terrible we are no matter what we do. I'll admit that our fans can get a bit out of hand at times, but you don't see Coach Mark Adams or any of his team members getting in anyone's face or yelling profanities at our competitors' fans.

It feels like there's a major double standard with everyone constantly hating on Texas Tech for our fans getting worked up over a rivalry, but not having an issue with this kind of behavior from Texas. I don't know about you, but I find it much worse to have both a coach and student-athlete behave like that. They're directly representing the university, and I'm sure that's not the image UT wants.

If all of Lubbock and the Texas Tech community are being held responsible for our fans' mistakes, then I think UT should be held responsible for their faculty and students' behavior as well.

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