Blake Griffin has thrown down some amazing slam dunks and some not so amazing free throws. After Saturday's Game Three of the NBA's Western Conference playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies, Chris Paul and his son displayed a face from Griffin in the post game known as the "Blake Face".

I am skeptical this will be a new thing on the web, but this could help Griffin and his sponsors like KIA and Subway for ideas. Griffin doing the "Blake Face" while eating a Cold Cut Trio or jumping over a new KIA sedan with a "Blake Face". My favorite would be a Fat Head poster with the "Blake Face". Who would need scarecrows after that?

The real winner might Chris Paul's son. He does a better "Blake Face" than Griffin and lets be honest here, Toys R Us could use him for the holiday shopping season at the end of this year. Here is Chris Paul's son doing some more press conference antics besides the face.