The last time Baylor came to Lubbock to play basketball one of the greatest moments in Texas Tech athletics history happened.

Forget the Final Four or the Elite Eight. Forget the National Championships or bowl comebacks. Forget last-second heroics.

Avery Benson SLAMMING an alley-oop down from fellow end of the bench player Andrew Sorrels was the best moment in Texas Tech athletics history.

OK, it's at least in the Top 10. Just watch it again. Then one more time.

I don't care if they got in trouble, or that it was in a meaningless spot in the game. In fact, it's way better that it happened with Texas Tech up by 23. (Texas Tech went on to beat the Bears 86-61.)

It came during a stretch when the Red Raiders were absolutely hammering Big 12 teams in a 9-game win streak to close out conference play with a Big 12 Championship.

Who is going to throw Avery Benson an alley-oop tonight as Baylor returns to Lubbock to play against the Red Raiders at 8 p.m. at the United Supermarkets arena?

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