December 16th is finally here which means only two things, we are closer to Christmas and the start of Las Posadas. Many of you reading might be thinking what is that or even how do you pronounce it. Well, Las Posadas are festival processions held in Mexico, South America Catholic countries, and Mexican-American homes in the United States while connecting with the nativity story nine days before Christmas.

The posadas are held in different peoples homes and represent the nine months that Mary was pregnant with Jesus Christ and also her search with Joseph for a place to stay in Bethlehem. There is usually a nativity scene that is taken between homes. What is a celebration without some prayer, food, drinks, and even piñatas for everyone to break. My first experience of posadas was with my bestfriend Alex whose family showcased that posadas were also about the family you have and the family you make.

Some of the best parts of Las Posadas is the weather, the air is cold and you can just see your breath so there is only one thing to do and that's eat something warm. For anyone new to Earth there are these amazing things called tamales that just make the holiday season just that much better. There are some specialty drinks that come with posadas and that's ponche, punch, and champurrado which is almost like a Mexican hot chocolate but thickened with masa herina

Posadas have been going on for over 400 years and are deeply rooted in ancient Aztec celebrations of the Winter Solstice and the goddess Tonantzin way before Catholicism was in the Americas. There is a rich history behind posadas but a unity that can only be passed down through the heart. So when you are out in the cold celebrating Las Posadas let the warmth of your family, friends, and tamales fill you with that holiday cheer.

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