Big Bend National Park made National Geographic's list of the best destinations to visit in 2023. According to the National Park Service, Big Bend is "one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state of Texas" and is visited by roughly half a million people each year. The breathtaking landscape offers hiking, fishing, backpacking, stargazing, scenic drives, river floats, and just about everything your little heart desires when it comes to a great Texas camping trip. It even has hot springs! Count me in!

It is located in the Chihuahua Desert, bordering Mexico, not too far from Alpine and Marfa. It only takes about 5 hours to drive there from Lubbock. Not bad! Who's up for a road trip? I'll bring the jerky!

Seriously. We are only a 5-hour drive away from views like this:

Big Bend National Park

Yeah. I'm pretty much sold. The stargazing out there also looks nothing short of incredible.


There are also tons of opportunities to bird-watch and check out the wildlife. Big Bend National Park has over 450 species of birds and 75 different species of mammals, not to mention 40 different kinds of fish, and thousands of insects. Don't forget your bug spray.

Other places that made the National Geographic list of the best destinations to travel to next year include Botswana, the Scottish Highlands, Slovenia, the Azores, the Dodecanese Islands, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Alberta, Canada, Ghana, Laos, Karpathos, Greece, Cairo, Egypt, and many more that you can find here.

I'll see you at Big Bend National Park! For more information, or to plan your trip to Big Bend, click here.

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