Last week I made some not-so-bold predictions and they all came true.

I thought it would be fun to see if, once again, I was right. Lo and behold, I went 5 for 5 in my predictions. Let's look at them one more time.

#1.The Field Will Be Stormed if We Win

This was an easy prediction. Texas Tech fans look for any excuse to storm the field, and people with guns wouldn't have been able to keep them off the field after a victory over Texas.

#2. Some Texas Fans Will Claim to Be Attacked

Well, I guess I didn't have to use the term "claim" because there's video evidence of at least one Texas fan being attacked. You can debate whether he deserved it or not, but he was attacked.

#3. Garbage Will Be Thrown On the Field

It was announced multiple times during the game that people should not throw garbage onto the field. We need a big campaign proclaiming The Jones as sacred ground and that no garbage should ever be on it.

#4. The Drunkeness Will Be Epic

This was another easy slam-dunk prediction. Fifty-one people were arrested on game day, and let's just say that a lot were college-aged people, and a lot were for public intoxication or other forms of booze-fueled antics.

#5. You Will Never, Ever Hear the End of It

Just jump on social media for a minute and you can see that this win is going to be celebrated for a long, long time. This will go down longer than the Crab-grab of 2008 because the hatred towards Texas has just grown and grown.

A New Prediction

Instead of taking all my imaginary winnings and going home, I'm going to make another prediction...and you're not going to like it.

I think Tech is going to get beat, possibly badly, this coming Saturday by Kansas State. Before you start throwing things at the computer, let me explain. I think the Red Raiders left it all on the field this past Saturday. Kansas State has confidence and their home stadium advantage after beating Oklahoma. The lack of Raider Power in the stands will cause a lack of spark in the team.

And One More

I also think Texas Tech will rise again. I just doubt it will happen this weekend.

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