One thing we love around here is sweets; we can't get enough. I've been watching a series of videos from the folks at Lofty Pursuits and Public Displays of Confection in Tallahassee, Florida, and the candy intrigues me.

They make a lot of their hard candy on Victorian-era candy making equipment, and you can taste the passion they have in every piece.

We tried two items, both of which were purchased by me so you get an unbiased review.

First, we tried the Victorian Banana Candy. It tastes very natural compared to most banana flavored items. Here's how they make it:

Then we tried the Nectar Drops. The flavor is hard to describe, as it seems to change in your mouth. And this is how they make those and explain why drop candies are called drops:

Greg and the crew at Public Displays of Confection sure know how to make an incredible candy. Check them out online.

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