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I've never liked the term "Lubbockite."

It's a gross sounding word. It makes me think of termites or something, although some would argue that's a perfect way to describe the little bugs we call citizens around here. Still, I'm not fond of the name and think we should call ourselves something more pleasant.

The problem stems from the name of our "great" city. Lubbock isn't a very easy name to work with. It ends with a hard consonant, and a gross one at that. I don't like the mouth feel of our city's name, but that's probably my autism shining through a little bit.

A popular way to address people from a certain area is to tack on "an" at the end of the place their from. Russian. African. Mexican. American. It works for states here, too. Texan. Californian. Sometimes you make it "ian" instead and you'll get Canadian, Brazilian, Floridian and so on.

So why not use it for Lubbock residents? Lubbockans? Lubbockians? It's a little strange at first but I thought the term Lubbockite was strange, too. It would just take some getting used to, and in the long run won't make me think of tiny parasites when I address myself and others from the same place as me.

Could I be overreacting? Possibly. Most people will likely never even think of the term Lubbockite like I do. But that's a fun quirk of being me, I suppose.

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