It's always nice to come across something wholesome like this to share. Christy Hartin from KCBD shared a post by Lubbock woman, Karina Tello, who recently lost her engagement ring at our local Sam's Club, and is looking for the sweet child that turned it in.

We thought we would jump on board and help her look too.

Karina left the ring in the bathroom of the store and didn't realize it until she was already gone. She was really worried she would never see her ring again, but luckily, Lubbock is raising some wonderful children. Check out the story below:

It would be so fabulous to find this little girl and thank her for her honesty. I think some kind of reward is definitely in order. I've lost a special and expensive ring before, and it's just a horrible feeling. You rack your brain wondering how you could leave something so precious somewhere so ridiculous. Luckily, Karina Tello was able to get her prized engagement ring back. Happy day!

Were you at Sam's Club with your child on October 12th? Do you remember them finding a ring and returning it to a manager? Please message our FMX Facebook page and tell us if you know this precious little girl. We would love to hook her up with a t-shirt and give her a tour of the radio station.

She set a wonderful example by doing the right thing, and we think that's pretty cool. It gives us hope for the future generations that are growing up around these parts. Way to go, girl!

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