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There’s recently been quite a bit of construction going on in south Lubbock, which hasn't only been causing bad traffic, but also issues for some of the small businesses in the area.

The owner of KC’s Liquor and Beer, located off of 82nd and Indiana, expressed her distress in a Facebook post about the construction outside of her business. She wanted to remind everyone that despite the construction blocking her building, they are still open.

She also stated how damaging something like this can be for a small business. Even a short time with reduced foot traffic can completely tank a small business. It's especially frustrating when it's due to something out of your control. To make matters worse, it's happening during a holiday when you'd expect to see more business than usual.

KC’s Liquor and Beer is not the only Lubbock business affected by construction outside of their business.

Ralph’s Records, a record store located off 82nd and Indiana, seems to be facing a similar issue. Both of these businesses have their main entrances blocked off for construction, making it appear that they'd be closed or at least inaccessible.

Fortunately, there are alternate routes to get to these businesses. However, most people aren’t aware of that. So these small businesses are most likely seeing a decrease in foot traffic.

It's extremely important to support small businesses because it's so easy for a hit like this to sink these stores. If a business you usually visit seems to be blocked off by the current construction, please don’t assume they're closed. Give them a call to see if they are still open and if there's an alternate route to get to them.

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