Earlier this month, Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters, his 15th career PGA major championship. As part of his career reinvention, he changed his irons to a custom configured and weighted set from TaylorMade.

The P7TW Irons made their debut in Woods' bag earlier this year. On the TaylorMade website, Woods says: "When you look down at these irons, you are looking at the result of every range session, event, victory, and major championship from my 22+ years of professional golf."

According to Golf Digest, the P7TW Irons go on sale May 1, 2019, but purchasing them may take awhile.

TaylorMade's website already states most configurations are already out of stock, with a second delivery expected in Summer 2019. The retail price for the set of clubs (3-iron through pitching wedge) is $2,000.

At the 2019 Masters, all of Woods' clubs were TaylorMade except for his putter. His balls are now from Bridgestone.

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