Ever since Mike Jones came to Lubbock, Texas during the height of his popularity and visited the Red Raiders football team while wearing a black Texas Tech Jersey with the number 99, getting a photo with Mike Leach in the process, he's been linked to Texas Tech.

It might be because I'm 32 and my formative years ran concurrently with Mike Jones' rise to prominence ("WHO?"), but I still remember a lot of what made him great. I also remember the phone number: 281-330-8004. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.

In high school, I was always looking for a dime; that was top of the line. What I'm trying to say is I, like a lot of kids in Lubbock, rocked with Mike Jones.

Now, when this TikTok video popped up in my twitter feed I was unprepared for what was going to happen next. For what it's worth, the video is NSFW.

In a video where the interviewer is asking people how to get out of the hood when a gentleman who didn't grow up in the hood stumbles by. "I don’t know, I didn't grow up there," the man says before some bystanders tell him to visit the hood. "I'm down," he responds. "Like, I like Mike Jones, f***ing, I’ll get down.”

The man, who's rocking a Texas Tech polo, then proceeds to rap Jones’ second verse from the 2000s hit "Still Tippin," featuring Slim Thug and Paul Wall.

Word. For. Word.

Mike Jones saw the Red Raiders fan murder the verse and wanted to find the man.

"Can somebody find the dude that spit my verse, & have em DM me, gotta show em love on LIVE or something, cuz that was 💯 & came out of no where!” he wrote in the caption. “Let’s me kno and hopefully let y’all kno, that real music can’t & wont die!”

Of course, Mike Jones isn't the only rapper ever caught in a Red Raider uniform. Probably the most famous is rapper Ali, who rocked a Kliff Kingsbury jersey in the 2002 video for one of the most popular songs of the year that dropped in November of Kingsbury's senior season, Nelly's "Air Force Ones."

Check it out below.

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