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Customers in a McDonald's drive-thru line allegedly discovered a few employees getting hot and sexy in the back instead of cooking up McChickens after waiting for 20 minutes for food at the drive-thru.

The restaurant was apparently closed down just so that they could McFinish. Somebody was lovin' it that night, but I'm afraid it was not the customers.

NSFW language ahead:

The follow-up video shows another customer who was visibly McPissed that they were stuck sandwiched between customers in front of them and customers behind them while waiting to be served. There's no word on exactly how they know what that the employees were actually gettin' it on, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I worked in food service for a billion years...

It wouldn't be the first time I've heard of things like this happening in a restaurant. Sometimes you just can't stop love, no matter how gross and unsanitary it may be.

But I digress.

I once caught a couple of employees in the cooler at one restaurant here in town. Another time, in the backseat of a car behind the store. Something about the smell of french fries in the air really does it for people.

My favorite comments from the TikTok videos include:

"He gonna give them a McSpanken." 

"They were just making Mac sauce. No biggie."

"McCall corporate on them." 

"Someone sounds a little McFrustrated."

"They can sit there and do the nasty but they won't fix the ice cream machine?" 

"Is this the new type of Happy Meal?"

Okay, okay. Enough of that. *sigh* I hate it here...


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