Over six months has passed since the July accident that caused young Luke Siegel to be rushed off to UMC with severe injuries. As of January, he's back home with his family with the support of the community behind him.

Luke Siegel, son of local coach Tim Siegel, was involved in a golf cart accident that led to his hospitalization in Fort Worth and multiple surgeries. He returned home to a hero's welcome and continues to have the faith and outreach of those who have heard his story.

"He's been pretty agitated, recently, but he's definitely more comfortable at home, I think," said Tim Siegel.

Siegel says he feels the support of the community through the Pray for Luke Facebook page, which has reached over 20,000 likes, and 'Pray for Luke' t-shirts.

"All the prayers that we've gotten does give me that confidence and that faith that we're going to pull through and we're going to get to another level," Siegel said. "I'm not sure how far we'll get, but we're going to get to another level and it's one thing for me to have faith, but it's another thing for 23,000 people to send messages and follow our story."

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