The University of Texas chapter of Phi Gamma Delta is in hot water after throwing a Western themed party that has been accused of being racist.

Jordan Rudner, managing editor of the campus newspaper The Daily Texan, had heard rumors that the officially announced "Western" themed party at Phi Gamma Delta was actually going to be a border patrol theme.  Rudner and a reporter for the paper attended the party and noted multiple guests wearing ponchos and sombreros, others wearing construction outfits with name tags of Hispanic names, and some wearing military uniforms.  The guest at the party confirmed to Rudner the true theme of the party was "Border Control",

That is what party attendees confirmed. I know that wasn't the official title of the event but everyone there seemed to think that was what the theme was.

Erica Saenz, associate vice president of the University of Texas Division of Diversity & Community Engagement which oversees the response team for biased incidents, said that the University takes situations like this very seriously,

It's unfortunate because we are trying to promote a campus climate that is welcoming and inclusive for all and when these incidents happen they just kind of set us back a little bit.

Phi Gamma Delta has yet to comment on the situation.  The DDCE has received nine complaints about the party.

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