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The United Family has opened a second Taphouse Sixteen location in Lubbock at the Market Street located at 98th Street and Quaker Ave.

The first Lubbock United-Market Street Taphouse Sixteen opened inside of the store at 4th Street and Milwaukee Ave.

Though it may look like a pub, Taphouse Sixteen is not intended to be a typical bar.

"These locations are a gathering place for people who may want to enjoy a craft beer with their deli pizza or sip a Chardonnay as they shop for their favorite cheeses," said Nancy Sharp, Manager of Communications for The United Family.


Sharp adds: "Our guests tell us how much they like our dining rooms as a place to meet and enjoy the company of neighbors and family. Adding this element gives United Supermarkets and Market Street one more way to connect the community."


This is a brilliant idea on the part of The United Family. As someone who isn't able to take time to socialize in typical meeting places that serve beer or wine, this is a great way for me to explore new beverages without pressure to stay out late or consume too much.


Hours of operation at the Taphouse Sixteen at Market Street on 98th & Quaker are 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday. On-site sales on Sundays between 11 a.m. and noon must include the purchase of an entree, as required by Texas law.