Philadelphia sports fans are notorious for being mean, but one umpire wanted no part of it.

Bob Davidson, who's known as "Balkin' Bob" for his penchant for reacting to all sorts of complaints, stopped a Giants-Phillies game in the top of the 6th inning Tuesday night to toss out a fan who had been flapping his gums all night.

The fan in question had reportedly been harassing Davidson throughout the whole game, which, newsflash, will happen at any sporting event. Criticizing referees and umpires for making bad calls is as much a part of attending games as paying too much for parking. Toeing the line between ribbing and being a nuisance to those around you, though, is a delicate matter. Indeed, it seems the fans around the man who was ejected appreciated Davidson's move.

Davidson explained what led to him sending the fan on his merry way:

Amazingly, Davidson has thrown out a fan before (you can jump to the 2:40 mark to see it).

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