UMC Children's hospital has announced the latest addition to their faculty, a dog named Sable.

Sable is working alongside their child Life Specialist, Hannah Boyd. Sable is specially trained and is there to help in parts of their patient’s care. She will help bring comfort to the children’s hospital’s patients and families during their stay.

Being in a hospital at such a young age can be very scary. It is also extremely stressful to be a parent with a hospitalized child. That is where sable can help cope with the difficult environment and ease some tension.

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Sable’s position with UMC makes it the first children’s hospital in West Texas to provide this service.

Sable’s handler, Hannah Boyd, is able to use her knowledge as a child life specialist and combine it with Sable’s service to enhance the support they are able to provide for their patients. Boyd stated how “animals bring a different level of comfort and calm to difficult situations, merely with their presence. I’m proud that Sable will be the first and only hospital-based staff facility dog in West Texas.”

The use of dogs in hospitals like this has been shown to benefit patients’ recovery and lessen stress levels during their stay. It is absolutely amazing that UMC is able to provide this service for their patients now.

UMC is able to provide this service due to the UMC 30 Minute Club and the UMC Foundation’s donations towards Sable’s training. UMC extends their thanks to these donations, as well as the resources provided for Sable by PetSmart at Canyon West, as well as Live Oak Animal Center.

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