Have you ever thought about getting personalized licensed plates? You see them all the time, and sometimes they make you laugh or cause you to wonder what it is a driver is really trying to get across.

You may have thought that you could get anything on your license plate, but think again. There are rules and you might be surprised which plates were rejected in 2021.

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Since 1965, Texans have been able to request a personalized license plate. I remember that my grandmother had a license plate about Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys. For those who are under the age of 26, Troy Aikman led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl wins and was the last quarterback to do so. Anyway...

There are rules on what you can and can not put on your license plate. For example, foreign or slang words are out as are acronyms or words spelled reverse that could be considered misleading or objectionable. Of course, you also can't have anything that is vulgar, derogatory, or any references to sex, gangs, violence, race, gender, law enforcement or even the military.

KVUE obtained a list of rejected license plates in 2021, and while some make sense, others seem like the DMV just has no sense of humor. See for yourself:

  • “LANE*HOG”
  • “CPT MRGN”
  • "DAT DUDE"
  • “NOT HOT”
  • “GOOBER”
  • “HOTME5S”
  • “SALTTY”
  • “EWW PPL”
  • "GRLB0SS"

Personally, I see no problem with many of these and would probably laugh at "LANE*HOG," "OBNXOUS" and "UANOYME." In fact, I wish I had the plate, UANOYME.

According to KENS5, the Texas DMV rejected more than 6,700 license plate requests in 2021.

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