Heavy rainfall in Lubbock Wednesday afternoon caused major flash flooding in different areas.

Lubbock was placed under a flash flood warning until 3 p.m., which might be extended, with reports around the county coming in of severe flooding. Citizens have taken to social media to share their flooding pictures and reports of what’s occurring during the heavy rainfall.

The National Weather Service took to Twitter after user Nick Alvarado shared a photo of cold air funnel clouds that he captured. NWS did reassure people of the low dangers that the funnel cloud presented, stating:

We've had some reports of these tropical-type funnel clouds across Lubbock along the leading edge of the heavy rain shower bands. These funnels will likely continue through the afternoon. They rarely extend to the ground, but can cause brief damage if they do.

If a tornado threat does develop, the city would have the first real use of its new Outdoor Warning System to alert residents of any imminent danger. There’s also a code based on the duration of the siren which notifies the severity of the storm which can be found online with specific information.

The National Weather Service has also reported that there are heavy rain bands that could cause more torrential rain and flooding in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

KLBK Chief Meteorologist Jacob Riley also took to social media to assure remind citizens of the 'Turn Around, Don't Drown' warning. This warning reminds citizens that if the water is too high or looks too high, then don't keep moving forward but instead go back the way you came and find an alternate safer route.

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