Former Texas Tech Head Football Coach Mike Leach is still looking for a job on the sidelines, but

Florida Atlantic will be open by the end of this season. Howard Schnellenberger said that he will retire after this season and no school fits what Leach needs more right now than FAU. A highly touted recruit in Florida stated he would seriously consider going to play for the Owls if Leach ends up there.

Yahoo! Sports has conducted another investigation and this time its the University of Miami and its athletic program and it is something worthy of the so called death penalty.

From the story,

In 100 hours of jailhouse interviews during Yahoo! Sports’ 11-month investigation, former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro described a sustained, eight-year run of rampant NCAA rule-breaking, some of it with the knowledge or direct participation of at least seven coaches from the Miami football and basketball programs. At a cost that Shapiro estimates in the millions of dollars, he said his benefits to athletes included but were not limited to: cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play (including bounties for injuring opposing players), travel and on one occasion, an abortion."

This type of activity isn't a ticky tack violation. This is depravity in its highest forms. The NCAA needs to drop the hammer on Miami if these allegations are indeed true.

Finally, it looks like the NCAA will get its way and have the "Fightin' Sioux" dropped from the University of North Dakota. How is Fightin' Sioux more offensive than Fighting Irish from Notre Dame? The NCAA overstepped and they continue to make more of a mockery of college sports.