The National Weather Service in Lubbock has confirmed that a tornado was responsible for damage that occurred in Hockley County on Tuesday night, March 12.

Credit: National Weather Service Lubbock, TX
credit: National Weather Service Lubbock
credit: National Weather Service Lubbock

The preliminary damage assessment that was released Wednesday evening indicates that an EF1 tornado which was about 200 yards wide was located less than a mile from the eastern edge of Anton and was "embedded in rain within [the] line of storms, moving from south-southwest to north-northeast" along a path of approximately 2 miles.

Video captured by KCBD Newcannel 11 journalist, Julie Castaneda, shows damage caused by the powerful wind speeds that reached up to 110mph while the tornado swept just south of the small town.

In the NWS preliminary damage assessment it is noted that a Tornado Debris Signature (TDS) "likely from the house, was lofted to around 4000 to 5000 feet above the ground."

Along with this tornado, the squall line of storms that swept from the west across the South Plains brought damaging wind speeds, hail and torrential rainfall reminding residents that severe weather season has returned to west Texas.  It's important to stay alert when it comes to the weather and especially more so during this time of year.