Lubbock loves to watch the Texas Tech Red Raider basketball team. They are an electric factory of fun and will have their best chance at a victory Friday afternoon against the Northern Kentucky Norse.

The bad news is that the game is scheduled for 12:30, right smack dab in the middle of the workday.

Well, we here at Townsquare Media and Talk 1340 do not want you to miss the game so here are the Top 10 Excuses you can give your boss to miss work on Friday during the Texas Tech game:

Number 10: "The test results came back..."

You have to keep this one vague. If you walk into your bosses office and catch him off guard with a grave but hopeful, "I'm not sure how to put this, but the test results came back and they need to talk me through the options Friday afternoon." There's no chance your boss makes you miss that appointment. On Monday morning bring donuts because it was a false alarm and you have a new lease on life.

Number 9: "Parent / Child Lunch at school..." 

You don't even need to have kids for this one. If you have nieces and nephews tell your boss their parents can't make it and you're stepping up. That shows initiative that a boss will love. If you do have kids, most bosses should at least give you some extra time at lunch. Most of the game is better than none of the game.

Number 8: "Flu Season."

Bonus points if you act so sick they actually send YOU home. Karson Robinson of the Rob Breaux Show adds that Pink Eye is always a show stopper, but you'd have to poke yourself in the eye to make that one believable. Eye poke at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any longterm eye injuries that spawn from pink eye generating eye pokes.

Number 7: "Advisor appointment at..."

This one is from Boleo, the man you love from 102.5 KISS FM afternoons. It's another excuse that shows your boss you are striving for self-improvement. Tell your boss you're going back to school and you need to meet with your advisor during his office hours. Those professors have the strangest office hours.

Number 6: "I have to sit with those four Texas Tech Football players in detention."

This one works better if the detention is believable, and being that this submission is from Wes Nessman of FMX, the detention angle is a solid play. He is in the clear for Friday afternoon.

Number 5: "A home installation being scheduled." 

This is a tried and true method to snag yourself a block of time during the workday. Cable, a roof, the plumber with a new water heater, or, as co-host of the Rockshow Kelly Plasker says a new Alexa Device. It's one of these new fangled devices that takes several hours by a trained technician. Once it's installed you can ask Alexa for excuses for the Sweet 16 game if Texas Tech makes it.

Number 4: "A trip to the DPS"

"I promise boss, I'll be gone 30 minutes tops." When you return 3 hours later blame it on the long lines. There are always long lines. It's common knowledge.

Number 3: "Food poisoning"

Get to work. Disappear to the bathroom for 45 minutes. Leave. To sell the story FMX's Renee Raven adds this foolproof sentence as you walk out the door, "I ate a Food For Thought low performer and now I have the trots." Simple to execute. Nobody wants to hear the details of your escapades if you bring up the low performer. Don't have second thoughts of the business you kill by telling your office you got sick there. It's the NCAA Tournament, there is only one survivor.

Number 2: "My Dog had explosive Diarrhea and we're expecting company this weekend." 

Along the same lines as the previous one and again self-explanatory and should require no further update. I put this one as number 2 on purpose. I did not think of this one, it's from the twisted mind of Robert Wright who hosts the L&R Sportstalk show on Talk 1340 every Sunday morning.

And the Number one excuse to give your boss to miss work on Friday afternoon so you can watch the Texas Tech game is:

Number 1: "Hey Boss I'm going to watch the Tech game." 

Odds are, the boss is going to be watching the game to. Make it a lunch date with the boss. Share your interests. Tell them how smart they are. Get the promotion. It's always about the long con here.

You can also just go to Tulsa. Make it a weekend. I wouldn't take the boss to Tulsa though.

You are welcome and enjoy the game.

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