That's right, for one day only the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback is now a Dallas Maverick.

And it's not just for show, he's in a jersey and everything.

I don't know that he'll get in the game tonight, but he did get some pretty high praise from former Maverick Caron Butler.

“He was a really good football player, obviously, being a quarterback,” Butler told ESPN. “He was great at golf. And he was really good at basketball. Obviously it worked out for him with the football, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if he would have made it playing basketball. He had a great feel for the game, man. And it’s not surprising. Golf is a cerebral game; you gotta have that mental component to conquer the course. And then football’s the same thing; you gotta be able to think on the fly and do all these things. And then basketball, I thought, all those components worked together.”

If Tony Romo has some success tonight maybe his career at CBS will be put on hold.

Stranger things have happened.

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