Baseball coaches often argue with umpires. In fact, it seems like a common experience for baseball coaches to argue with umpires so much the umpire kicks him out of the game. And then, on the rare occasion, a coach just cannot let the situation go and continues to argue even after the ejection and that leads to disciplinary action after the game.

Which is what Tim Tadlock is experiencing right now.

Tim Tadlock was suspended for two games after his ejection and subsequent argument -- the first of which he already served Wednesday night in the Red Raiders' 27-15 win over New Mexico.

Yes the Red Raiders put up 27 runs last night.

The suspension of Tadlock, according to, was under the umbrella NCAA rule 2-26-h, 5-15a(4), Appendix D which says, "Prolonged or continued arguing, offensive language or excessive expressions directed at an umpire or game official after an ejection." The suspension for this offense is added to any existing suspension and carries a suspension of two games.

Since the original ejection didn't carry a penalty of suspension, Tadlock will just owe one more game.

The TCU Series will go a long way to deciding who the Big 12 Champion will be, with the Horned Frogs leading the Big 12 by two games with an 11-4 record. The Red Raiders are just behind them with a record of 9-6.

So, who ever wins this series will be in the lead in the Big 12 standings.

Will the absence of Tim Tadlock affect the team? That remains to be seen.

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