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Mechanical engineer and TikToker @theoverengineer recently started a huge 3D printing project and is sharing it with users on the social media site.

This project involves printing all 50 states to make a huge map showing all of the different state’s topographies. Of course he had to start with the best, choosing Texas as the first state to 3D print and kick off this massive project.

He started this project only six days ago and currently has nearly half of the states printed, all in different colors to represent each state in some way. With 10 videos about the project so far, these videos have a combined view count of over 11 million views, with the video showing off the crazy mountains of California reaching over 7 million views on its own.

It's really cool to see the difference in topography across the entire US. We all know that some states are flatter or more mountainous than others, but this really lets you visualize just how different each state is. Even just looking at the differences between west and east Texas is fascinating. You can really see the cap rock that Lubbock sits on top of and how the land gradually goes flatter as you move east across the state.

If you want to follow the rest of this 3D printing journey, be sure to give @theoverengineer a follow on TikTok. While you’re there you can also check out his other videos that include other 3D printing and DIY projects.

This $170M Texas Ranch With 65,000 Acres Is a Dog Lover’s Dream Home

Mesa Vista, the 65,000-acre Panhandle ranch, which belonged to oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens until his death three years ago, has been up for sale since 2017. The list of mind-blowing amenities is long, but for the price it's quite a deal!

The property includes its own golf course, a chapel with a memory garden, an airport with a private apartment for the pilot, and a 40-unit kennel, complete with a bronze dog sculpture in front of the building. Pickens, who was an avid hunter and dog lover, told Land Report in 2015Back when I couldn’t afford one bird dog, I had two. When I couldn’t afford two, I had three.”

Let's take a look around this incredible piece of property, which was recently reduced from $250 to $170 million, and see what kind of luxuries you and your furry friends could enjoy!

Looking For A Unique Home Sweet Home? Check Out Borger's ICE House.

This home is actually a piece of Borger's history. It's a redesigned ICE house.

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