He's a grown man playing a boys' game.

Authorities in Canada have arrested Jonathon Nicola, an African man who is believed to be 30, but pretended to be 17 while excelling at high school basketball in Canada.

Nicola, who hails from South Sudan, has played for Catholic High School, in Ontario, for the last six months.

According to the Windsor Star:

The Canada Border Services Agency said Wednesday officers arrested Nicola for allegedly contravening the Immigration Refugee Protection Act. He is being detained under the authority of that act. The agency didn’t elaborate on what Nicola, who is in Canada on a student visa, is accused of doing."

Nicola has proven to be a beast on the court. Standing six-foot-nine and weighing a hair more than 200 pounds, he had been a go-to guy on his school's team and even lived with the team's coach, as part of a program in which foreign students are provided places to stay.

The team's coach said he is forbidden from discussing the matter. He had previously said Nicola, who appeared in the above hype video, could make it to the NBA.

Earlier this year, Nicola said he made it to Canada in November of last year, just three days before he turned 17, in the hopes of escaping the turmoil in his home country.

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