Sometimes a good steak is hard to find. If you do find a place you like, it can still be pretty expensive. Ultimately, you want to find a great-tasting, quality steak that you cook at home.

I've found a place that serves amazing steaks at an even better price. When we first got ours, we couldn't believe how inexpensive they were.

I'm a big ribeye girl thanks to my boyfriend's influence, so we like trying different techniques and places to buy steaks to see if we, well, he, can grill the best one. This one place out in Post has become one of my favorites.

If you're ever driving through Post or are willing to take a small road trip for a good steak, you need to check out Jackson Brothers Meat. This is no secret for people who have gone there already, but their meat is amazing and listed at a great price.

They have all kinds of different things, but my boyfriend and I love their beef jerky and ribeyes. You can get a ribeye for $11.99 a pound. Sometimes can't even get that at a grocery store. Jackson Brothers Meat has been in the area for more than 50 years and I now understand why. You can see their full price list at their official website.

I'm so excited for y'all to check them out and let me know what you think of them, but if y'all sell them out and I can't get their ribeyes we are going to have a problem! But seriously, go check them out on Facebook or visit them at 121 S Avenue H in Post, Texas and let 'em know Kelsee Pitman from Lonestar 99.5 FM sent ya.

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