Fatima Rubalcava posted her own surveillance video of thieves walking into her car port. One of them reaches for a car's door handle when they notice the security cameras. And then they run.

Here's what Fatima had to say about the incident on her Facebook page:

Friends and family please share this video as some of you may know Wednesday morning 3 people were breaking into cars in my neighborhood unfortunately 3 of my neighbors cars were broken into and stole valuable stuff luckily my security cameras caught them in my garage they didn't take anything but this needs to be stopped our neighbors don't mess with anybody and we all take care of each other and who ever this people are hope they know they mess with the wrong neighborhood

Thieves suck. Thankfully, they're also chickens and crappy people. The thieves never got anything, but they're still on the loose and I'm sure plotting to steal someone else's stuff soon.

This happened in South Lubbock around 147th Street and Frankford Avenue, around the Highland Oaks neighborhood.

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