Texas Tech Alumni come in from all over the state for Texas Tech football games. When they come back to Lubbock, they crave some of their old haunts. They want to hit up all the Lubbock staples before they head back home because they don't know when they'll be back to the Hub City.

If they're here for the weekend, maybe they get a few spots in. Three at the tops, but the rest have to wait until the next trip to town.

My thought is, why not let all of the local spots get a spot at Jones AT&T Stadium and let people get a taste of their favorites in one convenient spot?

I asked what people would want to see on Twitter and got a great response.

I'm not saying the food selection at The Jones is bad, but it's so basic. If you let some of these spots in, the atmosphere and appeal to eat at a football game would skyrocket. Especially if drink options were also in the mix. A couple of Lubbock Lights and I'm definitely ordering some fried cheese.

A couple of rules here: the food has to be something not already available in the stadium, with one or two exceptions. It also has to be portable and easily taken to your seat. Until the south endzone expansion, there's not really a place to sit and go eat anything except at your seat and, in my opinion, it's too hard to eat Orlando's spaghetti in the middle of a football game.

This is also just a very small list among 1,000 places I could have chosen. I went with things that were traditional to a football game. You can comment and tell us everything you would want at the game.

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