There's a lot of uncertainty going around right now regarding what our 'new normal' is going to be following the state's slow reopening of businesses. Let's face it - it's not going to be what it was. We're going to have what some people may consider inconveniences, but it's all to make sure we're keeping each other safe.

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Me being such a big football fan, I'm already looking forward to football season. A part of me is scared there won't be one...or that we won't even be able to go them. But NBC's Football Morning In America's Peter King may have just shined a light on a bigger problem - the possibility of no alcohol at NFL games this year. Excuse me? How are we supposed to get through the season, especially another 8-8 one?

According to King:

I could see alcohol being banned at games for the year. (Meaning, theoretically, fewer trips to crowded rest rooms through crowded concourses by patrons.)

Again, my biggest concern is if WE EVEN GET TO GO.

Other concerns with this upcoming season include whether or not teams will get to play in their own stadiums (think about teams whose cities are currently still under stay-at-home orders that could last months), teams having to undergo testing, if the media will be able to call games from the stadiums - or from a studio, the list goes on.

Here's to hoping if we get to go, we can at least enjoy a cold beer (through our's a joke. Maybe.).

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