I was scrolling through our own website and saw yet another bust of a car full of drugs in Oldham County. That's the county between Amarillo and the New Mexico border, so maybe it makes sense.

Just since March 28th, there have been three separate huge drug busts in Oldham County. And the only thing in that county is I-40, which runs just along the bottom border.

The population of the entire county is just over 2,000, so you know that 19 pounds of heroin and 300 pounds of weed were just passing through. (Although one weed shipment was reportedly destined for Amarillo, you party kids.)

All three shipments originated in California, though, so it wasn't an all-Texas drug running gig. I guess if you're planning on driving a lot of drugs through our state, maybe you should plan a trip around Oldham, because police are onto you now. Somehow I don't think they read our website, though, so look for more reports of drug busts from Oldham County coming soon, I'm sure.

(All three stories were written by [Awesome 98 sister station] KFYO Radio's Andrew Coats, too. So maybe he's the mastermind who's planning these drug runs so he can get some Facebook likes. But probably not.)

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