There are plenty of fun and crazy sports names floating around: the Great Bambino, Ochocinco, Metta World Peace, and so on. But sometimes the best, or worst, athlete names are the ones they already come with.

The University of Pittsburgh recently signed a new kicker for the 2013 season: Chris Blewitt. And yes, that is his actual name. But fortunately for Blewitt, and Pitt as well, it looks like his name isn't an indication of his abilities as a kicker.

Chris Blewitt is a commit for the 2013 class and through no fault of his own becomes an easy target for opposing teams and perhaps his own fans if he misses a crucial kick.

However, Blewitt, who is from West Potomac High in Alexandria, Va., must be pretty good because he was offered a scholarship and that's rare for kickers.

Blewitt's story is actually kind of interesting. He never played football until high school and only joined the team because his friends were on it. He tried out for kicker because he was a soccer player. He earned his scholarship to Pitt after impressing coaches at a camp a couple weeks ago.

As unfortunate as his name is, he's not the first. There was actually another kicker back in 2000 at Harvard, Anders Blewett, who sadly lived up to that name. Hopefully, Chris will have a little better luck than him.

And he's certainly not the first athlete to have a funny and/or ironic name. Here's a few more actual, and really bad, athlete names.

Coco Crisp - baseball player
Craphonso Thrope - football player
J.J. Putz - baseball player
Kim Yoo Suk - pole valuter (say it out loud and you'll get the joke)
Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon - weightlifter (yeah, just try to pronounce that name...)

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