Texas Tech basketball is undefeated this year at the United Supermarkets Arena with one game remaining against Kansas State. I'm not going to say that game is a given, they beat the Red Raiders in Manhattan, but with the way Texas Tech is playing at home, I'd like to think Texas Tech has a pretty good shot to finish the year undefeated at home.

If Texas Tech can beat the Wildcats, it'll be the first time the program has run through a home slate undefeated at the United Supermarkets Arena. The team did accomplish the feat in 1996 but that was the Southwest Conference and at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum.

So what's the next level to averaging more than 14,800 fans at the United Supermarkets Arena for every conference home game? To make your road games feel like home games obviously.

It started back in January when a Texas Tech fan, Jeff Brunson, found the code for the Texas Tech game at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin. The short version of the story is that Texas Tech fans ran wild on the ticket office, the University of Texas halted ticket sales, then Texas Tech made it look and feel like a home game for the Red Raiders regardless. It might not have been 50/50 in the arena with attendance, but it was pretty darn close and sounded more like 80/20 in favor of Texas Tech.

After the success in Austin, an alumni group called the Road Raiders sprung into action buying up seats in Fort Worth and Stillwater. To both fill the arena and to donate to Raider Riot students who might want to make the trip to Texas Tech's final two games.

Up first is the party in Fort Worth which a watch party for both the Basketball game and Baseball game on Saturday as well as a party on Friday night for all Texas Tech fans in Fort Worth.

Then the Road Raiders will do the same thing in Stillwater.

I know the Red Raiders know how great the fanbase is, but nationally I don't see anyone else as organized and efficient as Texas Tech fans.

A lot has been said about Texas Tech potentially playing in Fort Worth to open the Big 12 tournament. I have no doubt that the Red Raiders would sell that out in record time, I also don't doubt the dedication of Texas Tech fans to show up for Mark Adams and his squad anywhere in the country.

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