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Whether you're a cheerleading fan or not, I’m sure you are familiar with the sport. What you may not know is that the Texas Tech University coed cheer team won the title of national champions for Division 1A in 2017 and 2019.

We have a group of incredibly talented men and women on our team. Cheer is one of those sports that tends to be misunderstood and blown off by sports fans. In reality, it's an incredibly challenging sport that takes a crazy amount of strength and skill. I give major props to cheerleaders because I know I could never do the kind of stuff they do.

Despite how talented and impressive these athletes are, they're still human and probably have some red flags. At least that’s what Raider Red seems to think based on the TikTok he posted yesterday about the Texas Tech cheer team.

While most of the red flags shown in the video are obviously silly, there are a couple that I could see being an actual problem.

For example, who only drinks warm water? I understand not wanting ice in your drink, but warm water goes a little too far. All jokes aside, the best part of the video is Raider Red popping in at the end with his own shocking red flag.

Despite any possible red flags, we still love our TTU cheer team so much. Check out some of these videos of our amazing team in action over the past few years.

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