Ever since Patrick Mahomes was drafted 10th overall in the 2017, he's been turning heads. Kansas City Chiefs front office personnel and coaching staff have been raving about him. The Chiefs roster are all ecstatic to have him in charge.

It's one thing for the Chiefs to love Patrick Mahomes; that's his team. It's another thing for the national media to be all aboard the hype train. One show in particular absolutely loves Mahomes and his cannon arm.

Here's the Good Morning Football crew breaking down two plays from Mahomes' first NFL start last year in week 17 against the Denver Broncos. You can check out the video for the details of the conversation.

The main point I want to take from the video is the absolute astonishment in the voices of two ex-NFL players and the rest of the roundtable. They are amazed at the sample size they are watching. They go so far as to say Mahomes is comparable to Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford.

That's high praise.

Of course, us Lubbockites have been on the Patrick Mahomes hype train since 2015, but it's crazy the publicity he's getting after a year in practice and one game film on the books. It's not undeserved, but is it too much, too soon? I, for one, don't think so.

Dan Orlovsky and Nate Burleson are lobbing so much praise during the GMFB segment that someone asks: "So, is he a Hall of Famer?" I mean, he'll have to retire first, but...

The Chiefs have an incredible offense assembled. Talent and depth at every skill position. It's hard to not get overly excited.

We'll also finally get the answer to the question that we have been asking for years now" "What if he had a defense, though?"

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have started OTAs and will begin the Mahomes era against the Chargers on September 9th.

Can't wait.


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