Eastern Washington University is no longer the only American football team with a red turf field.  Depending on your perspective, you either think the new trend of non-green colored fields is an eyesore or something to behold.  


New Braunfels Canyon High School just finished installing their new red turf over the past week.

Rivals' site, The Old Coach, reports the first events on the field will be soccer scrimmages.  How un-Texan!  If you're going to put in an "eye-sore" for your football field, at least let the first games be football games.

Last year, the University of Texas San Antonio let a story leak about a potential orange field for their football team for when they play in the Alamodome.  Reaction was mixed around the Alamo City.

Looking at the bigger picture, Boise State and their "Smurf Turf" (blue field) is no longer unique and I think the NCAA will probably revise their rules to once-and-for-all ban all non-green colored fields.  However, at the high school level, state organizations (UIL, TAPPS, etc) will probably allow more latitude because I don't see too many schools spending the money for oddly colored fields.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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