The Houston Texans dropped their eighth straight game on Sunday to bring the teams record to 2-8 on the year.  This loss came at the hands of the Oakland Raiders by a final score of 28-23.  Sunday's game marked the return of head coach Gary Kubiak to the sidelines after he suffered a mild stroke two weeks ago.  His return would be spoiled though as the team's woes would continue.

Bob Levey, Getty Images
Bob Levey, Getty Images

"I'm as frustrated as everybody else is," Kubiak said after the game.  "We're trying to work through some things with some really young guys playing football in some situations.  We have to stay positive with them.  And I know it's very hard on people like Andre and people like that who have played a lot of football here right now, but it's frustrating for me too."

Case Keenum would get the start for Houston, but with the offense struggling again in the second half, coach Kubiak would give veteran Matt Schaub another shot.  He would put the team in position to win the game but an errant pass on fourth down with 1:15 remaining would give the ball back to Oakland an effectively seal the loss for the Texans.  “We got down there and we only needed a yard for first down and two yards for a touchdown and we had a few shots at it," Schaub said. "Then we had the penalty that backed us up and we were trying to take a shot in the end zone to give them a chance to make a play to win the game and they made the play.”

With the loss, the team is in one of the worst losing streaks since the team came to be in 2002.  The team may have their best shot at ending that streak though as the 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars come to town.  If they can't win their, the team could end up matching the 2005 team's record at 2-14.


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