Every season there is a coaches poll that's released in college football that's released in conjunction with the polls that actually matter. Allegedly they are voted on by some real-life head coaches of college football teams. While I might think that the intern or some assistant coach is actually filling out the ballot, the head coach's name goes on it and that's who gets the glory.

Sidenote before we continue, if I was a head coach filling out a coaches poll I would with 100% certainty put my team on the ballot. My team is 4-8? Number 22. We're 9-3 with two terrible losses? Number two. Haven't won a game in three seasons? 25th, because we're so close to turning this thing around.

You can't look through the long list of coaches ballots without seeing some petty behavior, why not hype yourself when you get the chance? I digress.

Matt Wells 2020 Final Coaches Poll Ballot:

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Ohio State

4. Notre Dame

5. Texas A&M

Wells nailed the top 5 as far as the official coaches poll is concerned, and the playoff committee for that matter.

6. Oklahoma

7. Cincinnati

8. Iowa State

This is the biggest discrepancy in Wells' poll vs the official coaches poll which has Iowa State at number 12. Overall Wells ranked every Big 12 team ahead of its official ranking except for Oklahoma State.

9. Indiana

10. Florida

11. Georgia

12. Coastal Carolina

13. Northwestern

14. North Carolina

15. Southern California

USC and Iowa State both got the four rank bump. Maybe Matt Wells likes the Graham Harrell offense?

16. Brigham Young

17. Miami (Fla.)

18. Iowa

19. Louisiana-Lafayette

20. San Jose State

21. Texas

Texas finished 24th in the official poll and 21st according to Matt Wells.

"Texas is Back" Matt Wells' Poll Ranking.

22. Oklahoma State

I'd like to start a Gundy/Wells feud. That'd be fun.

23. North Carolina State

24. Tulsa

25. Liberty

Overall, everyone on Matt Wells ranked everyone in the top 25 that made it into the top 25 just in a different order. Pac 12 champion Oregon being his best leave off and the 9-2 Army Black Knights being left off is his biggest snub.

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