Last night (March 21st), I was invited to a reception hosted by the Reagor Dykes Auto Group inside of the new Texas Tech Club on the east side of Jones AT&T Stadium. The event was well attended with some noteworthy sports names here in Lubbock including Jack Dale, Bart Reagor, Rick Dykes, Mark Ball, Gary Ashby, Toby Cecil... the list goes on.

It was my first time inside the new east side addition to the Jones, and the first time inside the Texas Tech Club. I was blown away. It's the only true place in Lubbock to have a meal while getting an amazing view of Jones Stadium and the field.

I'm a huge sports fan, and this is the closest that I can imagine coming to eating a meal on the Double T at the 50 yard line, or toasting to good friend in the end zone. It was a cool experience and one I will cherish for some time to come. Take a look at the event from last night in the gallery below, and Click Here for more information on the Texas Tech Club.

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