During an interview with Kliff Kingsbury, a helmet was shown on his desk. It's the coolest helmet I have ever seen, but it will never get its chance in the sun.

The helmet is a black base emblazoned with two large air brushed revolvers and what seems to be the quote "Guns Up" across the back. These helmets are just flat-out good looking.

The idea came from Under Armour originally, but don't get your hopes up to see these amazing helmets on the field. According to Kingsbury, the helmet isn't "politically correct enough" to wear.

I'm sure that it wasn't Kingsbury who made the final decision to not ditch the helmets, but that's the decision we have to live with. Now, we won't be getting guns up on the helmets or any alumni emails.

Here's to hoping that Texas Tech comes up with some new jersey combo this year that hasn't been seen before. Maybe a red helmet?


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