There is always a coach that steals the show on the opening day of the press conferences for the NCAA Tournament. Last year is was Chris Beard giving his What-a-Burger order, this year It's coach Joe Golding of ACU who only has one suit, and that's a problem.

Coach Golding ripped his suit pants in the celebration after winning his Conference Tournament. Now, he's going to, according to him, "Have a hole in his butt." during his matchup against Kentucky this week. Golding claims to only have one suit, I don't know if I believe him, but dang if he doesn't sound trustworthy.

If this is a superstition thing and he's going to ride the one suit until it falls apart I might have to pick his Wildcats over the Wildcats of Kentucky. I definitely like this guy than Kentucky's sleazeball.

Also, shoutout to Abilene's one suit shop who couldn't fit the coach of the Wildcats going on a national stage in. You just got blasted. You owe coach Golding a new suit.


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