Austin, Texas is known for having a great bar scene. A lot of people in Texas will go out of their way to visit the city in order to bar hop and have a good time. Unfortunately, it's really easy for a great night to turn into a bad one, and this TikTok is a perfect example.

The video below shows a woman in rough shape, obviously hurting, with several rows of braids missing from her head. I’ve seen similar videos of women with chunks of hair missing like that and it's always from being dragged in a fight. By the looks of it, this woman was beaten badly.


The video was posted by Cierra Lowery, who was apparently an onlooker to the fight that we only see the aftermath of. Lowery posted a series of videos explaining the context of her original post, as well as why she didn't post video of the fight itself.

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Apparently, Lowery was leaving one of the Austin bars when she saw a woman run past her down the road. Lowery instinctively began running as well, fearing that there was some sort of danger that the woman was running from. The woman who was initially running was apparently much faster than Lowery, and once she caught up to her, she noticed a group of people that seemed to have gotten into a fight. As Lowery approached the group of women, she noticed that there were at least four women beating up the girl she initially saw.

That's what leads to the aftermath we see of a woman missing chunks of hair and looking a bit messed up. Lowery pointed out that she's unaware of who started the fight, but it was shocking to see multiple women jumping one girl and dragging her around like they were. Lowery did mention that the woman that was jumped kept trying to act tough and talk smack to the women the jumped her, so she thinks it’s possible that she started the fight herself.

No matter who started the fight, it's terrible to see something like that happen. The woman that was jumped apparently left a comment on the original video posted after the fight, but she has yet to release her own explanation of the situation. Whatever the reason was, it's never okay to resort to violence and I hope she's okay.

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