So many of you may be asking can I really create my own BORG in my home and the answer is yes. For those of you who are not on the social media app TikTok then you might by thinking cyborg when it comes to the name but that is not what a BORG is.

BORG's are actually an alcoholic at home made drink that many Gen Z people are making and taking with them to tailgates, house parties, or just hanging out during a snow day. BORG's are thought to be safer than open container drinking and you can read all about that here but I will be telling you all how to make your own BORG. You're welcome.

How to make a BORG

The first step in creating a BORG is getting a gallon of water and drinking half of it, or saving that half for later in another container. Then you need some vodka, doesn't have to be the best, and you then add 17 shots of that vodka into that half gallon of water. Some people will run that vodka through a water filter so the vodka taste is gone but the alcohol stays, I am not condoning that I am just informing.

After you have added the alcohol you can then add a big squeeze of liquid flavor enhancers such as MiO, Crush, Crystal Light, or even the powder packet equivalent of those. The game changer is also adding some powdered liquid I.V. packets so they don't get hangovers because you will be holding on to this gallon basically all night.

There are those people who don't care about the hangover and instead use energy drinks which will dilute because of the water, I suggest Pedialyte instead. When you have all those things in your BORG then you just screw the lid back on and give it a shake so everything gets mixed around. After you taste it to make sure it is to your liking then you are done. There is an easy to follow example below you are a visual learner.

There is a secret final last step to making a BORG and that's getting a Sharpie and naming it. It sounds weird but there are very creative names out there such as Sponge-BORG, BORG-anic Chemistry, and even Ruth Bater Gins-BORG.

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