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Even in the face of sub-zero temperatures, massive failure of the state power grid, cats and dogs living together (you know, MASS HYSTERIA), we Texans are certainly trying to make the most of this winter wonderland-turned-arctic hellscape.

We're not complete strangers to snowfall in West Texas, while other parts of the state needed to consult charts and complicated graphs to figure out what fresh hell was falling from the skies. Once they established that they were actually receiving (*checks notes*) honest-to-goodness snow, Texans began to bring out their playful side.

Much like this Houston commuter, who I assume needed a lift to the liquor store to grab more cold beer.

Yes, cute. Skiing down I-10 while chugging a Bud. Obviously not something you can do every day in the People's Republic of Houston, so, yes, definitely a novelty. However, it's not exactly the most original idea.

Because, like most cool things brought into this great state of ours, it all started right here in Lubbock.

Exhibit A: A little over a month ago, we brought you the exploits of Lubbock's Conor O'Neill, winner of the First Annual Lubbock Iditarod. Conor popularized the idea of using a mattress as his mode of winter transportation, all while shirtless and swigging a frigid brewski.

Due to the fact that Conor is not bundled up like Hou-kon Cornelius above and has chosen a much more dangerous mode of winter travel, we're gonna give the win to our Hometown Lubbock hero on this one.

However, if you're getting a tow from Seabiscuit, courtesy of Bo Cruz on Facebook, you may have a valid argument:

Stay warm, Cowboys...

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