In a letter to the Texas Tech students, President Lawrence Schovanec addressed several issues that students had heading into the fall semester.

Schovanec addressed the campus experience and some actions the university has taken to ensure the safest possible experience.  He also reiterated that being on campus will provide the student with the full support of the campus facilities and services. According to Schovanec that includes, "The library, Student Union, and Student Wellness Center, as well as access to advisors, faculty, and staff to assist you in managing your myriad responsibilities as a Red Raider."

Texas Tech will also implement outdoor classrooms and study spaces to increase the student's opportunities for face-to-face interaction while limiting risk. The university is also working on new course sections to be held on campus.

Schovanec knows that every student won't be able to or aren't comfortable taking advantage of what's been done to make the campus safe. "We respect and are sensitive to the fact that not everyone will have access to the full complement of on-campus resources based on their academic schedules." He continued. "Therefore, we will be making adjustments to student billing." If a course is moved from face-to-face to online, there will be a credit back to the student.

That's not the only way billing will be adjusted for the Fall semester. In the past students have been charged an athletic event access fee. That will be waved for the fall semester, "Due to reduced capacity at our athletics venues and revised guidance on large gatherings, we will credit the Student Athletic Event Access Fee back to all students for the Fall 2020 semester." Schovanec clarified, "Although this fee contributes to the student experience and support of Texas Tech athletic events, this is the best decision in terms of fairness to students who may not have access to events."

Schovanec nor athletic director Kirby Hocutt have released a plan for who will attend football games in September but it's being reported that the Jones will be at 25% capacity. Schovanec says in the letter that additional details will be available soon about how students can attend fall athletic events.

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