TikTok is currently full of throwbacks as it is flooded with users reposting their most popular videos of 2021. It is fun to see all of these hilarious videos resurfacing, especially if you haven't seen them before, or you forgot about them.

I was scrolling through the app last night when I came across a video that looked really familiar. I watched it a few times, trying to figure out why it looked so familiar, then it hit me. I remembered seeing it at the very beginning of the year when Texas was frozen over during Winter Storm Uri.

The video involves a girl attempting to run across a partially frozen pool. Of course, the ice isn't thick enough, so when she almost makes it to the other end, she falls through and nearly faceplants into the edge of the pool.

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The caption on the original video reads “don’t give the Texans snow”, so I knew it was happening in Texas. When looking closer at the video, I realized that it was actually happening in Lubbock, specifically at the 21 Hundred at Overton Park student apartment complex by Texas Tech. I recognized the complex because my partner lived there, and his room had a window that directly faced the pool this happened at.

Once I pieced it all together it became extra funny, but also not surprising that one of the Texas Tech students living in that complex thought it would be a good idea to try running across the ice like that. It feels like the perfect representation of Lubbock’s college kids. They just run full speed into something not knowing if it will work out or not. In some cases, it does, and in others, it fails so bad that it goes viral.

The original video ended up with around 50 thousand views and 3 thousand likes, but now that the user reposed it, it has gained even more traffic. The reposted version has been up for less than 24 hours and already has over 5 million views and 285 thousand likes.

Good ol’ Lubbock, Texas, providing hilarious content for the masses.

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