To capitalize on Discovery's Shark Week, the Ole Miss Rebels have taken the Land Shark gimmick to the next level, proclaiming that, "Nature Has a New Great White."

The 45-second hype video shows an All-White Uniform that has zero blue on it. Instead, it relies on red as the secondary color -- a bold move considering the opposition for their 2018 opening weekend tilt is the Red Raiders.

The uniform name was no doubt concocted in a meeting where the question was posed like this: "Alright guys, the kids like shark week. How can we use that?" And then some genius said 'we have some great white jerseys,' and then the whole room looked at each other and did a freeze-frame high five.

As far as jerseys go, it's a decent whiteout attempt; I love the two-tone simplicity. But the design itself doesn't have much teeth, and it certainly doesn't strike fear into the heart of an opponent.

With Ole Miss going all white, the only logical response is for Texas Tech to drop an Orca black and white combo.

The Killer Whale dominates the Great White in real life because instead of a single shark relying on instincts, the Killer Whale learns to kill and makes an art of it. They also travel in pods to swarm their prey, which is something that fits football to a T.

The good news is, you don't need a new design to call the jersey combo "The Orca." Just do some combination of black and white. Lucky for the Texas Tech football program and Kliff Kingsbury, I have three options ready for them.


A prime example of a black and white combo would be the uniforms Texas Tech wore in the 2016 West Virginia game:

John Weast via Getty Images
John Weast, Getty Images

This white/black/white combo also happens to be the inverse of the uniform worn in BJ Symons' infamous shootout with Eli Manning and Ole Miss back in 2003, which turned out well for Texas Tech:


Texas Tech could also steal a page from the Oklahoma playbook for a change and copy Xerox U with the all black unis with a white helmet.

The Cowboys rocked this look against Texas Tech back in 2014:

Texas Tech v Oklahoma State
(Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)


The best option, in my humble opinion, is to rock the 2014 black throwbacks to the SWC days, more commonly known as Zach Thomas Throwbacks. Black pants with a white and red stripe would really seal the deal.

Arkansas v Texas Tech
(Photo by John Weast/Getty Images)

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